A Few Words of Thanks and Explainaition......

 By now I know most of you have heard the news of my decision to leave IIIrd Tyme Out.  This decision has been something that has not come easy at all.  My time with Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out has been nothing short of perfect.  I have loved every minute of it and I want to express my thanks to Russell and the band. For me, he has been a lot more than just a great singer.  If music were not involved at all, I would still know that my walk with Russell Moore has been a great one.  His character has taught me so much and I am honored to be able to call him one of the closest friends I’ve ever had.  We’ve had nothing but a great ride!  This decision has been weighing on my heart and soul.  Even though I feel it’s the right decision, it is still very tough to leave.  Everyone in the band has been great, and as a unit one could not ask for more.  I feel a calling to continue to write and express myself through songs and I feel that the best way to do this is to step out on my own.  I know its not an easy task and a lot of work will be involved.  I ask for all of your support and prayers on this venture.  There will be more news in the weeks to come on the details of my plans, and I know there are a lot of questions, but the answers will come to light very soon.  I could never say enough to express what IIIrd Tyme Out means to me.  These have been some of the best years of my life!  Thank you Russell and IIIrd Tyme Out!  I will always hold you close to my heart and IIIrd Tyme Out will always be a part of me.  Best wishes and prayers.



This album is dedicated

in loving memory of my Grandfather

and Hero, Elder Marvin Loudermilk.

We will miss you untill we meet again..

1.  Town Of Shady Green   3:37

2.  That Little Girl Of Mine In Carolina   3:15

3.  Man In The Hole   2:43

4.  In The Arms Of Anyone But Me   3:20

5.  She’s Got All That We Need   2:52

6.  Chances   3:17

7.  Out Looking For You   3:25

8.  To Uncle Sam And Mr. Wall Street   3:13

9.  Wash Out My Heart   3:19

10.  Two Hearts After One   2:30

11.  Hobo’s Time   1:47

12.  I Never Knew You At All   3:17

13.  What You Do To Me   3:14

14.  Blue Lonesome Blue   3:29

15.  We Are Travelers Here   2:41 

Edgar Loudermilk - My Big Chance Tomorrow

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Shady Green RedBook9.mp3



     I want to thank first and foremost our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing us beyond anything we have ever deserved, giving us the gift of music and opening up our thoughts and our mind to express ourselves through it.  

     I thank my wife Sonya; You are the rock in my life. Thank you for always understanding. My daughters Kylee and Kaitlyn; You are all my life and my whole world.

I thank Mountain Fever Records and Mark Hodges for all your support and being behind me, allowing me to reach out with my music.  I want to thank radio and all of the DJs for playing my music. 

Thanks to Russell Moore and 3TO; You guys are the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my music career.  I love being a part of this.

Special thanks to Jeff Autry, Wayne Benson, Justen Haynes, Scott Haas, Eddie Hoyle, Scott Vestal, Shawn Lane, John Cowan, Buddy Melton, and Junior Sisk. You all helped capture these tunes in the way I was hoping.

Thanks to Bill Mcdonald at Heartwood Studios and Reece Watson at Canned Vibrations 

Studios for your work on all of the tracking, mixing, and mastering. It was an awesome 

recording experience.

Thanks to Pam Jones with Paris Mountain Photography; The photos turned out great. I want to thank Gary Cotton for the Cotton Guitar endorsement.  You are such a blessing to us.  The first thing we worked on with that guitar was writing the song “Man in the Hole” and with his family coming from coal mining, it was an appropriate song for the first. Thanks Gary. 

Thank you to my Daddy for all the help with the music in my life, and being the first person I ever played music with. You are so awesome.  Also thanks to my mom, brother, step dad, and mom, my grandparents, and to all the rest of my family for being so supportive.

Also I thank Donnie Carver and Dick Roach for all your hard work.  We thank all of our 

endorsements so much. Cotton Guitars, Diadario, Peterson Tuners, Otis Instruments, and 

Blue Chip Picks.

Thanks to all of you, the fans and listeners who give my songs a chance. Thank you so much... 

Now I’m off to write some more tunes !!

Thanks, Edgar