Take a one of a kind voice, a commanding stage presence, and a killer songwriter who can conjure up the long lonesome feeling of bluegrass music with a stealth and hearty vocal like no other. ”

— - Bill Barnett, Saltymoss Media

Edgar Loudermilk Band, Featuring Jeff Autry

Not only has Edgar Loudermilk played and toured with Rhonda Vincent & the Rage, Marty Raybon & Full Circle, and Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, but he has also had monumental success with the IBMA Emerging Artist nomination for his duo  work with Adkins & Loudermilk. Edgar wrote or co-wrote the majority of the music that topped and still remains on the bluegrass charts from the Adkins & Loudermilk album release. Edgar's music is a mainstay on bluegrass radio and he has been a "Most Played" Sirius Bluegrass Radio Musician since his start. It seems nothing he touches musically can go wrong! Edgar has certainly proven himself in the industry as an adept and proficient singer-songwriter with three successful solo releases, in addition to the earlier Adkins & Loudermilk release.  The future looks bright for the Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry.

In addition to touring and performing, Edgar Loudermilk has had great success as a songwriter, with over 50 self-penned songs, many of which have been recorded by others.  To quote Edgar, "I see songwriting as much of a calling as singing.  Songwriting is a big part of it for me.  Playing and singing is great fun and a good time, and we love the audiences, but the art of crafting words and music into a song is very rewarding."  In 2017, Edgar's self-penned song, "Can't Live Life," was recorded by Rhonda Vincent & Daryle Singletary as part of their "American Grandstand" album--that album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart, and in July of 2017, it was on Billboard's Top 10 of Top Current Country Albums, as well as No.1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album Chart for the week of July 29, 2017.  The album went on to be #1 on Splice Today's Top 10 Country Albums of 2017.

The Edgar Loudermilk Band is overjoyed at featuring the acclaimed Jeff Autry on guitar and vocals.  Jeff Autry has been in the music industry for over twenty years, playing early on with the Lynn Morris Band, The Bluegrass Cardinals, and the Larry Stephenson Band.  Later on, as a freelance guitarist, he performed on stages across the USA and abroad with the likes of Sam Bush, Peter Rowan, Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Bela Fleck, The Travelin' McCoury's, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Keller Williams. In addition, Jeff was the guitarist for the ever acrobatic, multi-genre musical styles of the John Cowan Band for 14 years.  Jeff Autry's solo album, "Foothills," saw great success in it's original release and has since been re-released in 2017.

Edgar's incredibly talented former A&L bandmates, Jeff Autry, Glen Crain, and Zack Autry, performed on the July, 2016, Pinecastle Records release of Edgar's "Georgia Maple" album. The first single, "My Kentucky Home," penned by Loudermilk, was released and earned significant airplay and notice from bluegrass radio contributing to the increasing momentum of "Georgia Maple."

The Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry is excited about their upcoming 2018  release of their newest album, "The Test of Time," recorded on Pinecastle Records.

The Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry, is looking forward to their 2018 tour which will take them coast-to-coast, including performing on a Danny Stewart California Bluegrass Cruise, a West Coast Tour, an extensive Canadian tour during March, and a busy summer festival season on the horizon.  

Performance dates are booking fast as folks, nationwide, want to be a part of this tour! 

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Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry

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This From Russell Moore of IIIrd Tyme Out...

"Edgar’s talent has been evident since the first time I met him and it runs deeper than the playing, singing and songwriting that most of you are aware of. The love Edgar has for his family, friends, nature and God are just as strong as his love for music, and many times these ‘loves’, along with the knowledge of his big heart and the kindness he extends towards others, have been an inspiration to me! 

I want to thank Edgar for his hard work and all the good times we’ve shared over the last six and a half years! I consider Edgar one of my dearest friends and I, as well as the rest of the group, fully support his decision. 

Our prayers are with Edgar and his family, that they have continued success and all dreams are realized."

--Russell Moore, IIIrd Tyme Out--


"Dreaming Enough To Get Me By" Official Video

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"Georgia Maple" Studio Video

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Edgar Loudermilk, "Georgia Maple," Reviewed By Bluegrass Unlimited


Pinecastle Records
PRC 1198

Among contemporary lead bluegrass singers, Edgar Loudermilk has one of the most distinctive, recognizable, and enjoyable voices in the business. His crisp baritone lead is powerful, cutting, and expressively tuneful. As with Russell Johnson and Junior Sisk, similarly strident voices, you can always find him in the mix and always want to.

For his Pinecastle debut, he includes eight originals along with four covers that include a jazz standard, “I’ll See You In My Dreams,” “Harvest Of My Heart”, and a country hit from back in the ’70s, “It Must Be Love.” Two of the originals, “My Old Kentucky Home” and the slower “Homesick Blues,” Loudermilk wrote. Both explore the theme of leaving home and longing to return. That same theme emerges on “My Home In Caroline,” written with his bandmates, and again on “Georgia Maple,” written with Scott Mehaffey. The latter is the best of the four, with a mid-tempo bounce that has a gospel hint. Also of note is the beautiful country tune he wrote with Lucias White, “Until Your Love Brings Me Back.” Melodies don’t get much better.

While all the covers are very good, the one that most stands out is Jerry Ramey’s positive message song “Dreaming Enough To Get Me By.” It’s melodic to beat the band, catchy and has a very good arrangement.

Joining the bass-playing Loudermilk on a recording worthy of hearing in every respect are guitarist Jeff Autry, mandolinist Zack Autry, resonator guitarist Glenn Crain, and banjoist Chris Wade. This is the same group that backed Adkins & Loudermilk on their 2015 album. That continuity and familiarity makes for a cohesive sound and presentation and gives the album an added boost. (Pinecastle Records, 5000 Old Buncombe Rd., Suite 27-242, Greenville, SC 29617, www.pinecastlemusic.com.)BW


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Georgia Maple – Edgar Loudermilk, John Curtis Goad, Bluegrass Today

To many bluegrass fans, Edgar Loudermilk is likely best known for his solid bass skills, particularly thanks to his long tenure with bluegrass favorites IIIrd Tyme Out. However, over the past few years, Loudermilk has begun to come into his own as a vocalist and as a solo artist, releasing two popular albums in 2013 – the solo effort My Big Chance Tomorrow, and a duo project with Dave Adkins under the name Adkins & Loudermilk. This year, he’s officially struck out on his own with the Edgar Loudermilk Band, featuring Jeff Autry. In July, Pinecastle Records released Loudermilk’s newest solo album (featuring the members of his band), Georgia Maple.

Of the twelve songs here, Loudermilk wrote or co-wrote eight. Several of the best reflect on home, memories, and growing up. The opening track, My Kentucky Home, is one of the album’s strongest, with a catchy melody and the familiar bluegrass tale of a man who realizes leaving home wasn’t the best decision he ever made. It has a good modern traditional sound, with Zack Autry’s mandolin particularly standing out. My Home in Caroline, written by Loudermilk and Autry along with the other two regular band members (guitarist Jeff Autry and dobro player Glen Crain), pulls together several popular bluegrass themes, as well. The singer has made a few mistakes – leaving the girl behind, rambling and gambling and so on – but now he’s trying to make things right.

The title track is another ‘home” song from Loudermilk’s pen, this time co-written with Scott Mehaffey. It’s a well-written, mid-tempo number that uses a long-standing maple tree as a touchpoint for the many life events that have taken place on the singer’s family farm. From commonplace things like plowing to more momentous occasions like the song’s narrator building a house to begin a family of his own, the maple tree has seen it all – “just like you, I have ground now of my own,” Loudermilk sings. Also well-written is Dreaming Enough to Get Me By. Written by Tony Ramey, the song will likely speak to many listeners. The singer tells of days spent “chasing bill after bill, running two steps behind” but shares that he allows himself just a little room to dream so that he doesn’t lose hope in a better future.

On the more upbeat, traditional bluegrass side of things is Trains Can’t Turn Around, co-written by Loudermilk and Trey Ward. The song’s pace is set by a banjo kick-off from guest Chris Wade, and Crain’s dobro adds an extra bluesy kick to the number. Even bluesier is the (aptly-titled) Blues Ain’t Coming Through My Door, a contribution from Loudermilk and former IIIrd Tyme Out bandmate Wayne Benson. Crain and Jeff Autry work well here together to create a nice groove, supporting Loudermilk as he declares that he’s through letting heartbreak get him down.

A pair of covers also stand out.Harvest of My Heart has a bit of a different feel from the rest of the album. Many of the versions of this song I’ve heard have featured a higher lead, but Loudermilk’s arrangement works very well. He fills the lyrics with emotion as he shares the story of a farmer who tries hard to put his family and beloved wife first in all he does. On the album, it’s followed by Bob McDill’s It Must Be Love, which Don Williams took to number one on the country charts in 1979. Following in Williams’s footsteps, Loudermilk takes a simple approach to the song, with plainspoken phrasing and stripped down, gentle instrumentation guided by Jeff Autry’s guitar. Fans of the song should enjoy this version, which actually sticks fairly close to the original.

Loudermilk has a distinctive voice in bluegrass music, and he uses it to nice effect on many songs here, especially when he’s called upon to fill his vocals with passion, such as on Harvest of My Heart. The musicians in his band are all well-respected in bluegrass circles, and the country-tinged, modern traditional grass they create here is enjoyable. Though Wade is not a regular member of the band, his banjo playing fits well with the group’s style and helps add a stronger bluegrass feel to several of the songs. Fans of Loudermilk’s previous solo work should enjoy Georgia Maple.

For more information on Edgar Loudermilk, visit his website at www.edgarloudermilk.com. His new album is available from several online music retailers.