Jeff Autry

Jeff Autry was born in 1965 in Decatur Georgia. At age 12, he began learning chord forms on guitar and playing with his dad in a local bluegrass band. He began his music career at 19 working with the Georgia based bluegrass band Clearwater where he stayed for three years. At 26, he joined the bluegrass swing band, The Texas Rangers performing guitar and lead vocals. The band, which included banjo master Scott Vestal, played an eight month tour of Japan. After returning to the U.S., Jeff joined Rounder recording artist The Lynn Morris Band and toured the bluegrass circuit throughout the U.S.

Jeff is highly regarded as one of the most talented guitarist of our time performing and recording with many of the bluegrass legends he grew up admiring, including Sam Bush, Vasser Clements, Ricky Skaggs, Peter Rowan and the John Cowan Band. His recording credits include the award winning instrumental series Bluegrass 96 through Bluegrass 2001, his own solo album titled Foothills (all on Pinecastle Records), Leftover Salmon mandolinist Drew Emmett’s solo album, as well as the John Cowan Band’s Sugar Hill Records release, Always Take Me Back.

Zack Autry

  Zack Autry comes from a long line of music lovers and musicians, coming by it naturally. He grew up singing and playing music in church and at family gatherings. He started playing the mandolin at age 8 and the fiddle around 9-10 years old. He is a self taught musician and singer who, although not instructed necessarily, but was nudged in the right direction by his musical mentors; notably, his father Jeff Autry and grandfather Bobby. Jeff is one of the best acoustic flat pickers alive today and Bobby was a well-known upright bass and guitar player from North Georgia. Zack grew up on a strong foundation of Gospel, Bluegrass and country music, and through his grandfather, a love and appreciation of the hundreds of fiddle tunes written and played around his home. Zack plays mandolin and fiddle chiefly, although he also plays guitar,
and has a smooth, strong voice capable of a wide range. Zack plays his Randy Wood model F-5 Mandolin, given to him by Randy personally in March 2016. You can read more about Zack's endorsement here: "ZACK AUTRY ENDORSED BY ACCLAIMED GEORGIAN MASTER LUTHIER RANDY WOOD"


Curtis Bumgarner 

In late 2017, banjo player Curtis "Bum" Bumgarner joined the band.  Bluegrass fans will recall seeing Curtis playing banjo with Adkins & Loudermilk, as well as a stint with Blue Mafia.   Curtis, a seasoned veteran in the music industry, can "drive the five" or can easily transcend into the swing tunes Loudermilk and Autry do so well.  Curtis' diversity of technique is the perfect fit for this musically diverse band.